CABA has contributed greatly to the attorney I am today, and I am truly grateful. I want to lead CABA in a direction that does not cross party lines and that promotes CABA’s mission:  equality and diversity for all of its members, on all fronts; more community outreach (educational and need-based); and a commitment to be the primary source of information and guidance for a free Cuba.  I will focus on the mentoring needs of our young attorneys, while meeting the legislative and educational needs of the whole membership.  It is my hope to start a CABA Leadership Fellows Group that will focus and creating tomorrow’s leaders today.  I plan to focus more on CABA’s rich history and  more involvement with the Past Presidents, with a clear eye to CABA’s future.  I will make sure that CABA reaches those who need us most, especially outside of Miami-Dade County.

I have worked tirelessly for CABA.  I served on the CABA Executive Board.  I chaired or co-chaired every committee in this organization, with the exception of two (2), which I am intimately involved in.  I am presently the co-chair of the Mentoring and Scholarship Committee, the Legislative Committee, the Rapid Response Committee, and the Judicial Performance and Diversity Committee.  I have brought you every Judicial Poll since 2004 and oversaw the past Law Firm Diversity Poll.  I have chaired and co-chaired the Mentoring and Scholarship committee for two (2) years now.  I chaired the Events Committee for three (3) years, and I have organized, assisted, or served as advisor for all the significant events of the past six (6) years.  I was the co-chair for CABA Briefs. I also co-chaired the Website and Newsletter Committee, wherein we began the process of revamping the website and initiated the Que Pasa CABA newsletter. I founded CABA’s Annual Toy Drive four (4) years ago and continue to work on various community outreach events.  I was first elected as a CABA Director at the end of 2003, when my oldest son was just five (5) weeks old.  I had my youngest son while on the Board, not skipping a beat!  I have never lost sight of my commitment to CABA.