CABA has contributed greatly to the attorney I am today, and I am truly grateful. I want to lead CABA in a direction that does not cross party lines and that promotes CABA’s mission:  equality and diversity for all of its members, on all fronts; more community outreach (educational and need-based); and a commitment to be the primary source of information and guidance for a free Cuba.  I will focus on the mentoring needs of our young attorneys, while meeting the legislative and educational needs of the whole membership.  It is my hope to start a CABA Leadership Fellows Group that will focus and creating tomorrow’s leaders today.  I plan to focus more on CABA’s rich history and  more involvement with the Past Presidents, with a clear eye to CABA’s future.  I will make sure that CABA reaches those who need us most, especially outside of Miami-Dade County.

I have worked tirelessly for CABA.  I served on the CABA Executive Board.  I chaired or co-chaired every committee in this organization, with the exception of two (2), which I am intimately involved in.  I am presently the co-chair of the Mentoring and Scholarship Committee, the Legislative Committee, the Rapid Response Committee, and the Judicial Performance and Diversity Committee.  I have brought you every Judicial Poll since 2004 and oversaw the past Law Firm Diversity Poll.  I have chaired and co-chaired the Mentoring and Scholarship committee for two (2) years now.  I chaired the Events Committee for three (3) years, and I have organized, assisted, or served as advisor for all the significant events of the past six (6) years.  I was the co-chair for CABA Briefs. I also co-chaired the Website and Newsletter Committee, wherein we began the process of revamping the website and initiated the Que Pasa CABA newsletter. I founded CABA’s Annual Toy Drive four (4) years ago and continue to work on various community outreach events.  I was first elected as a CABA Director at the end of 2003, when my oldest son was just five (5) weeks old.  I had my youngest son while on the Board, not skipping a beat!  I have never lost sight of my commitment to CABA.


City of Miami Honors Victoria

On July 23rd 2009 Victoria Mendez was recognized by Mayor Diaz, and the city of Miami Commission. Once again proving that hard work pays off.

Victoria Mendez once again honored as one of Florida’s Legal Elite

I want to thank everyone for their support.  I could not have done it without you.  It means alot to be recognized by my peers for all my hard work.  To see the full list, please visit


Victoria Mendez

Victoria was recently featured as a speaker at the 74th Annual International Municipal Lawyers Association Conference

On October 19th 2009, Victoria was a guest speaker at the 74th Annual International Municipal Lawyers Association Conference held in Miami.  The conference was attended by over 1,200 Attorneys  from around the world.  Victoria, spoke about her expertise in Land Use, especially Code Enforcement.  She also spoke about her high profile case, Flava Works v. City of Miami.

Young Lawyers’ Social Hour


Ever since I graduated from Law School, and was admitted into the Florida Bar, I have been blessed with having a great group of mentors.  My promise if I get elected as President of the Cuban American Bar Association, is to further expand CABA’s  Young Lawyers Division.   Throughout the month of November 2009, I plan to have a series of events with the Young Lawyer in mind.  This is just a taste of what is in store once I get elected.  Please call me for more info 305-298-0480.



Victoria Mendez